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Dogs and Fences: 
	If you own a dog, you know the importance of allowing that dog to get outdoors to run and play in the fresh air.   Most dog owners don't have the time or inclination to take their pet on multiple walks every day, and most cities and towns have ordinances against dogs running loose without supervision. So what is the solution? The proper fencing around your outdoor space can make all the difference in a dog that can enjoy sufficient exercise outdoors and a dog that spends most of his time shut up in the house. However, there are many different fencing options to choose from, and each will come with its own benefits and drawbacks. We have the basics you need to make the right fencing choice for you and your pet. 

Privacy or Open Design?
   The first factor to consider is whether you want to install a taller privacy fence or one that offers a more open design. Privacy fences are typically found in the 6-foot range, and are constructed of solid wood or vinyl materials. The advantage to this type of fence is that your dog is secure inside your yard, without the risk of getting teased by children or other animals. This is also a good choice if you have a larger dog that is not accustomed to the boundary of a fence, since the taller border will prevent the dog from jumping over. However, if you are placing a young puppy in a fenced yard right from the beginning, this dog will be less likely to try to jump out even if he gets large enough to do so. 

   Another option for a fenced area for your dog is the more open style of a split rail, post and rail, vinyl 3 rail aluminum, picket fence or chain link. One positive feature of these fences is that they tend to be less expensive than the solid privacy variety, because fewer materials are used. Another advantage is that your dog can look out beyond his immediate territory; something that most pups love to do. However, keep in mind that a dog that can easily see his surroundings might also be more prone to barking. If you are looking for fencing for your pet, we can help you choose the best material and design based on your personal tastes, needs and budget. 
Dogs need an enclosed space to run and play, and we have all the fencing options you need to create the perfect place for your pet. 
Dog Friendly Fence