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¨ Limited Lifetime Warranty

¨ Maintenance Free

¨ Adds value to your property

¨ Superior performance and   durability

¨ Resistant to impact and UV radiation

¨ Won’t rust, rot, fade, peel or chip

  PVC or vinyl requires little or no maintenance.


  For any fence, railing, or residential application, PVC provides superior performance and durability.


  Vinyl adds value to your property. Vinyl is resistance to impact and UV radiation means PVC won’t rust, rot, fade, peel or chip, which means no painting is ever required. Please call us for further information.



We install Westech brand vinyl fence.


  Building Expectations through Innovative Engineering

Westech is committed to the innovative development of high performing vinyl building products.

Our engineers here at Westech are committed to developing extrusion compounds and profile designs, continually focusing on improving product performance and long term reliability. Westech’s and Westlake’s diversified and global chemical, compounding and extrusion experience is fully advantaged in the development of cost effective building products and materials. State-of-the-art blending, processing and extrusion technologies are employed to ensure Westech maintains a leadership position within the industries in which we are engaged.




Westech Vinyl colors ~



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